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Spatial Analysis

By using a range of tools and information (including Big Data), Spatial Analysis makes complex problems solvable.
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Data Visualisation

Data visualisation is the intersection of science and communication. It assists in identifying trends and patterns that might be unnoticed and helps communicate these patterns in a meaningful way.
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LIDAR Analysis

LIDAR is a powerful and established active remote sensing technology which is used to measure the distances to and elevations of features on the earth’s surface.
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Maptechsolutions is a respected provider of solutions and services to organisations which require reliable insights and data-driven capabilities.

enterprise gis

Enterprise GIS

As an organisation grows, it needs a system for managing information and application resources which scales accordingly.



The success of a GIS relies on the people who know how to manage and work with spatial data and geospatial tools.

Spatial Analysis

Understanding how people, things, and places relate to each other geographically is powerful.

LiDAR Analysis

LiDAR help us to see the world in a very different way.

data visualisation

Data Visualisation

The intersection of data science and communication.

Software Development

Data relies on necessary tools for working with it.

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Seán Shanahan

We used MapTech Solutions for a large scale GIS contract that needed to be resolved in a short space of time. I was discussing the issue with a colleague who had heard about MapTech Solutions so I decided to give them a call. I have to honestly say our experience was more than satisfactory. They understood the difficulty of the situation and got to work on a solution immediately. Their ability to address our needs straight away was a very welcome assurance and put my mind to rest instantly. I would have no hesitation in recommending MapTech Solutions, if you have any big or small GIS task. Shane and his team have the knowledge, ability and experience to manage and most importantly provide a customised solution to your dilemma.

Seán Shanahan, Managing Director, Shanarc Archaeology Ltd
Noel Lyons

We approached MapTech Solutions to carry out a large water pipe distributing network that we required to be mapped using GIS. I attended a one day workshop giving by MapTech Solutions and found them very suitable for our needs. From the time I engaged the Company, to the completion of the project, I was very impressed with their ability to address our company’s individual needs. I liked the way Maptech Solutions engaged with us to understand the workings of our company and then provide tailored solutions that were very workable. I found the experience of working with Shane and his team very enjoyable. If you require GIS works to be carried out I would strongly recommend you contact MapTech Solutions where you will be guaranteed a customised solution to your requirements.

Noel Lyons, ERD Group Water Scheme

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