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Software Development

“Geographical data relies on the necessary customised geospatial tools for working with it.“
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“Speed up big data analysis through scripting and parallel processing.”
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Process, visualise, analyse

In order to make sense of the growing volume of data in today’s world, it is important to construct systems and frameworks for processing, visualising, and analysing it. Working with locational data is no different from normal datasets, and today maps can be developed, managed, and updated using standard programming and database tools.

Software can be developed for the following purposes

  • Batch Scripting & Processing – automate tasks, such as to reproject shapefiles displayed on a map, in both proprietary and open source software.
  • Tools – where required tools are not available out-of-the-box, customised tools can be developed for both the ArcGIS and QGIS platforms.
  • Field data – accurate data collection service to verify and maintain the integrity of an organisation’s existing information.
  • Dashboards – purpose built dashboards for viewing and analysing your information.
  • App creation – customised apps developed for all major mobile platforms, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.
  • File conversions – overcome interoperability issues between various software applications and data types using extraction (E), transformation (T) and loading (L) utilities.

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Innovative Approach

MapTech Solutions provide innovative solutions to complex problems. We write our code from scratch to meet customer needs. We realise that no out of the box solution can meet all our customers needs, hence driving innovation.

Customised Solutions

No one solution fits all and we pride ourselves on developing customised solutions for all our projects, regardless of project size and scale. Whatever the scope or scale of your project, we are here to assist you with tailor made solutions

Experience and Expertise

The MapTech Solutions team are highly qualified Geospatial Data Solution/ Visualisation experts with vast experience in LiDAR and spatial analysis, Enterprise GIS and software development.


Software Development

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MapTech Solutions provides a range of services in the area of Software Development, including scripting, app development, file conversions, and field data capture. Contact us for more information today.